To satisfy customers beyond their expectations, earning their respect, trust, and ultimately their business.


Founded in 1967, ECS served primarily the Electrical C&I and Electromechanical OEM customer base. In the early 1980's when the Electronics Industry was gaining momentum, ECS focused on developing the Electronic side of the business.

In 1988, ECS divided the sales force into two separate groups, Electrical and Electronic, to achieve the necessary focus for each market segment. The strategy paid off and in 1992, when the structured cabling industry was in its infancy, ECS started a Networking group to again take advantage of an immerging market.

Today, ECS is a recognized leader in all three sales groups: Electronic, Electrical, and Networking.

ECS provides its Principals a unique advantage not available from the typical "single market" representative by serving multiple sales channels within the trade area.

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